What is OHP & Me?

Oregon Health Plan & Me is a series of workshops which give a close look at the benefits covered by Columbia Pacific CCO. Each workshop contains information on what general benefits are, and how to use them to gain better health with fewer headaches.

Who Can Access OHP & Me?

Anyone can access the workshops! These workshops are designed with Columbia Pacific CCO members and those who assist members to navigate their benefits in mind.


There are seven (7) workshops of approximately an 30 minutes each. Participants are not required to view or attend all seven and may choose any and all that fit their needs. Workshops include:


An overview of Oregon Health Plan and Columbia Pacific CCO including: application and reapplication, how to read and use member cards, transportation benefits, and more. We suggest anyone interested in OHP & Me view this workshop first.

Children & Families

Specific benefits and guidelines relating to the needs of pregnant members and children ages 0-21. Examples include well-child visits, immunizations, Adolescent Well Child Visits, vision benefits, and oral health visits.

Adults 1 and 2

A two-part workshop on the wide-array of benefits and services covered for members aged 18-55. Examples include preventive care, dental care, chronic conditions, and tobacco cessation.

Elder Adults

Specific benefits and guidelines for members aged 55+ including preventive health, fall prevention, Durable Medical Equipment, and when and how to get emergency and urgent care.

Mental Health

General guidelines on what mental health benefits services are available, who has access, stress and self-care, community programs, and care for people with Substance Use Disorders.

Dental Health

An overview of dental health benefits, including how to contact a Dental Care Organization and find a provider, what is generally covered, and age or condition-specific guidance on benefits.